Where would we be without you? 

You give actors like myself so much love, 

support and make what we do so fulfilling. 

Thank you! Thank you! and again. Thank you. 

Hot Hottness Award

Dan at "Bad Movies at Redbox" has awarded Ali with the "Hot Hottness Award" saying 

"I'd watch a 2 hour movie of her doing her taxes... she makes this movie worth watching". 

Thank you Dan for the wonderful review. He even went on to award Disaster L.A. with a final verdict of "worth a Redbox rental"!

Read the entire review here. Caution: Spoilers Alert


Disaster L.A. has been getting many positive reviews since Warner Brothers released the T.C. Film to home video September 23rd. 

Now it's available in Redbox for all to see.



The trailer for Disaster L.A. is released! And Ali is in it!

Click here for the IMDB page

The Real Stan Lee 

Jennifer Zhang and her crew of Batman villains including Ali as Poison Ivy made the front page!

Click here to see the whole article


I'm touched to be listed with these other beautiful women. 



CoEd Magazine

A big thank you to Coed Magazine for this amazing article.

ManMade Mag reposted the awesome article 

Click here to read the article 


Who Dat AD Girl?

After the GoGo Air commercial hit the national circuit, people starting asking

"Who is the hot redhead in the Gogo In-Flight “I Can’t Wait” commercial?"

I then received this lovely link from a fan. 

Love you guys!

Click here to read the whole article

Click here to watch the original commercial 

The Chive

After the national release of the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx commercial, this page was created on The Chive 

in order to "find me". And would you look at that- they did. 

Click here to read the whole article

People Meeting People Making Memories (PMPMM)

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles and appearing on a few television shows, I met a fan who wanted to do 

an interview on me for his website. Always happy to meet a fan. Thanks Jacey!

Watch it here!